Beyond the Car: What Potential Does Your Garage Hold?


Garages are a huge asset for homeowners. Storage for lawn and outdoor equipment, a place to keep campers/motorcycles, or other vehicles that could be easily stolen, and a covered place for your car no matter the weather are all benefits to having a garage, but they can do SO much more if you consider some alternative possibilities. More and more requests for garage conversions are coming our way, and we've taken note of the trend and want to make sure you know what your options are when considering upgrades to your house. So, what could your garage do? 

  • Guest suite. A garage can be converted to a great guest suite if you don't have a spare bedroom for friends or family to stay overnight. If sticking your in-laws on the sleeper sofa just isn't an option anymore, converting your garage to a guest room (and even an additional bathroom) could give you the entertaining room you need without booting your kids out of their bedroom, or frantically cleaning the "kid bathroom" before out-of-town relatives arrive. 
  • Private gym. A home gym is a highly sought-after amenity as working out at home is a popular trend. By converting your garage to an air conditioned, private workout area, your fitness routine can happen when and how you choose, and you never even have to leave home. From a mounted television and sound system, to a full weight lifting system, your home gym can be customized to YOU. Goodbye gym membership! 
  • Family room. A garage can easily be converted to a recreation room or family space. Having a family rec room means your traditional living room can be used for entertaining without sacrificing your kids' fun and games. Video games, toys, books, puzzles, etc. can have a home without being left strewn over your living spaces. It's a win-win. 

Whether you want to convert your garage to one of the ideas above, a bedroom for your kids, or simply an air conditioned storage space for your home (since Florida attics get HOT!), Williams Construction Company can tackle the job. We are a full-service contracting and construction company serving clients throughout the Central Florida region, and we customize each job to our clients' unique needs. We handle jobs of all types and sizes, so give us a call and let us help you make your dreams for your home a reality.