Off to A Good Start: Why Your New Home's Foundation Is So Important


Foundations are not only the first part of your new home to be put into place, but they are also one of the most important. Every other aspect of your home will be built upon the foundation, and mistakes made during this early step could prove catastrophic during the life of your house. Here in Florida there are special challenges faced when pouring a foundation for a new home. Our sandy soil, tendency toward excessive settling, and rainy seasons mean we have to take extra care when starting a new house. Our goal is to build a structure that will last for generations, and the foundation is the most important part of that. 

There are several important factors in putting in a high-quality and well-built foundation, including: 

  • Having a good base to start with. Firmly packing the soil under the home ("tamping" or compacting) is very important before measuring out and pouring the slab. This ensures that you'll have minimal erosion or settling of the soil. 

  • Patience is key. Once the foundation is poured, it's critical to give the slab time to cure before continuing the building process. Being in a rush not only means you make more mistakes, but it also means your foundation won't be the solid base you need for the rest of your home. Letting it fully harden gives peace of mind that all measurements are accurate, everything is solidified, and the rest of the building process can continue smoothly. 

  • Even concrete needs to be sealed. It might surprise you to know that even your concrete foundation needs to be sealed upon curing, to keep out moisture and help it last longer. Wood isn't the only thing susceptible to water over time! 

While there are many "DIY instructions" online for planning and pouring slab foundations, it is a technique perfected by, and best performed by, professional contractors. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge to see any problems before they happen (and know how to respond properly if they do) but they also have the licensure and insurance to protect you during the home building process. For Central Florida homeowners, or those looking to build, Williams Construction Company is who they call first. We have extensive experience in building custom homes, spec homes, industrial spaces, and churches. We are your one-stop for all of your contracting needs, whether that means putting together your space from the ground up, or simply installing a new door or renovating a kitchen or bathroom in your existing home. Give us a call and let us help you achieve a space you love. 

The Importance of A Permit When Remodeling Your Home

Fed up with rules, regulations and permits when it comes to your home renovation?  We get it.  Permits are a pain.  However, while many homeowners believe having to pay fees to the government for adding onto your home, or remodeling your existing house, are just another way for them to gouge money out of you, ignoring the required permits for your job at hand could have costly consequences far greater than the initial legal document. Additionally, the permits actually do serve multiple purposes that are beneficial to you in the long run. 

First, having the proper permits and documentation lowers your liability in a disaster.  If something happens and your home's new addition is damaged, even if it was a natural disaster, your insurance could refuse to pay out if you don't have the permits required for the project.  This is even more devastating if someone was injured in the event, and insurance refuses to cover their care since you were irresponsible and put them at risk with undocumented alterations to your house. 

A permit also protects you against fraudulent contractors.  If you don't have proper permits, you have no legal grounds to stand on if you need to seek compensation from a contractor that attempted to leave you high and dry.  Getting a permit keeps your contractor honest, so you know you are not only getting their word, but also the quality of work required to pass codes and stay in line with government requirements. 

Finally, permits affect your resell value if you choose to move.  If you added onto your home, or renovated a portion of it, without the proper permits, you could have a hard time passing inspection and therefore will be unable to sell your house.  Future homeowners want to know they are getting the best before they make one of the largest purchases of their lives.  If you failed to take the proper measures before altering the house, YOU will be left liable. 

At Williams Construction Company you can rest assured that you are getting the very best in remodel and renovation services.  We guarantee that we take all of the required precautions in gaining permits and we back up all of our work with the needed documentation.  Our goal is to have happy clients who are also protected by work done the RIGHT way.  Give us a call to get started on turning your dreams for your house into a reality.