Welcome Home Snowbirds! Make Your Florida Getaway Work for YOU


Now that Fall is in full-swing, and Winter is just around the corner, most of our Florida "snowbirds" as we fondly call seasonal residents, have returned home to the Sunshine State and are setting back into slow-paced life here in the Winter Haven area. Many of them have enjoyed Spring and Summer travels to places both near and far, and likely enjoyed time in their "home away from home" in another location. Oftentimes upon returning they realize that something about their Florida home just isn't working anymore, but aren't sure how to best remedy the situation since moving isn't really an easy option (or the most lucrative) since they only live here for a portion of each year. 

We have some tips to help our snowbirds, or you, make your Florida home meet your needs, no move required. 

Add storage solutions. 

Any home, over time, will fill up with things. People come with "stuff", and for those who travel part of each year, the treasures they find along the way become an important part of their story and family history. However they also tend to pile up and can be overwhelming. If coming home to Florida and unpacking your year's worth of new finds and souvenirs left you with anxiety and frustration, we are here to help. Targeting specific areas in your home that offer some flexibility for storage options is a great way to make your home work for you. Perhaps there is lots of space near the ceiling in your closets that is going unused. Turn that empty space into purposeful storage with the addition of some shelving and organization options. If you have a bedroom or bathroom with excess floor space but nowhere to put your things, building in a closet or adding new cabinets could be a great way to make your home more functional. 

Consider extra sleeping space. 

Oftentimes we hear snowbird residents complain about their home seeming "smaller" when they add grandchildren, or have family come into town frequently. If this is bothering you, you have options! We can work alongside you to brainstorm ideas for building on additional sleeping space, or repurposing existing space into extra bedrooms and/or bathrooms. 

Needs more entertainment value. 

If your social circle is growing, but your home is most certainly not, parties might be a little less fun than they used to be. If you're already maxed out with your living and dining spaces for entertaining, you could think about taking the party outside! Florida is known for our year-round mild to warm climate, so even the winter months can be a great time to host an outdoor party. Amping up your patio and extending your living space outside means your house will feel less crowded during gatherings, AND it adds entertainment value. Outdoor spaces offer versatility with options your inside living room just can't match, like bonfires in a fire pit (and making s'mores!), grilling out, and chatting into the evening with your family without waking the grandkids! 

If you recently returned to your Florida home after a long period away, welcome home! Williams Construction Company is proud to serve the Winter Haven community and the greater Polk County area with custom construction and home renovation services, and we are ready to work with you to make your home a space you are proud of and enjoy living in each day. Give us a call to get started so you can be ready in time for the upcoming holidays!