Beyond the House: What Custom Construction Can Do for You


Often, when people think custom construction, they picture large, state-of-the-art houses tailored to the individual homeowner. Lots of unique details, color and material preferences, etc. also come to mind, and it tends to be thought of as a luxury only those with plenty of financial resources can afford. However, that's not all custom construction means, nor is it only for the wealthy. Custom work is exactly that...custom. It's built around you and your own needs and budget, and can cover a variety of projects. Here in Central Florida, some popular requests might be...

A home...not for you, but for your recreation. Recreational vehicles (RVs) and other "toys' like boats, ATVs, campers/travel trailers, etc. are all common sights here in Florida, as we have year-round weather for outdoor fun and plenty of places to enjoy water sports. However, thanks to the high number of subdivisions (with HOA restrictions) it can be hard to find storage for these types of equipment, and you could be left paying a high price for off-site storage. Often, as long as you have pre approval, most HOA's will allow garage or storage space to be added onto your existing home, as long as it matches the style and character of the house and neighborhood. We can do that for you, and make sure you have all the storage you need right on your own property. 

Bringing vacation to your backyard. Pools are another popular commodity in Central Florida, but they can be an eyesore if not sculpted and cultivated. We can turn your outdoor pool area into your own personal oasis, by creating a patio, outdoor kitchen, screened-in lanai, gazebo, etc. completely customized around your own pool. No need to travel for a relaxing vacation simply need to head out to your backyard! If you really want to amp up the space, we can also design and build a custom outdoor kitchen to let you entertain completely right by the pool. You'll be the hit of the neighborhood! 

Upgrades to your existing house. Who said your existing home isn't a "custom" house? We can add personal touches, additional space, unique storage solutions, and more. At Williams Construction, we can sit down with you and go over your budget, what you'd like to add/take away from your existing house, and then draw up plans to make it happen without altering the overall structure of your house. You can enjoy a "custom home" without ever packing a moving box or leaving your beloved community. 

Williams Construction Company is proud to offer a variety of construction services, and we make each and every client a priority, no matter the size of the job. We are trusted by Polk County residents to product high quality results and top of the line style. Give us a call if your ready to customize your space!