Hot Home Trends in 2018: We Make Them Happen For You


Each year brings about new trends in just about every industry, and the housing/construction market is no exception. While many parts of construction remain steady throughout time (roof design, well-built showers, etc.) other things change with the fluctuation of what's considered hot...or not. In 2018, there are a few unique trends to keep your eye on. The good news is, Williams Construction can make these a reality for you in your own home, so you can dream with  confidence! 

Multigenerational Homes

A big trend in recent years is a shift toward welcoming elderly family members into the homes of younger children, grandchildren, etc. Technically this isn't a "new" trend as historically this was the only way aging family members were cared for; however, modern generations had gotten away from this practice opting instead for home care teams, assisted living facilities, or other alternatives for their loved ones who could no longer live alone. We are now seeing more families choose to bring elderly relatives into their own homes and they often need some modifications made to accommodate the needs of not only themselves but the older family members too. Some of these alterations can include widening doorways, adding on an additional "suite" (bedroom and bathroom) for the parent or grandparent, adding ramps in place of stairs, etc. All of these are very doable in many homes, and Williams Construction can help you customize a plan for your current layout of your home so the new additions will blend in seamlessly. 

Staying Put

While flipping homes was a common practice a few years ago, more and more couples and families are choosing to forgo the dream of finding the perfect home and instead decide to stay in their existing home and make it into their dream house. Many families choose to start with either a new bedroom/living space added onto their current floorpan, or overhauling their kitchen to add more space and more luxury. Bathrooms are also a common choice when upgrading a home as they become outdated more quickly than other parts of the home and are subject to lots of usage on a daily basis. 

Clean and Bright = White

White has always been a classic, complimentary color in just about any home, but current trends are carrying white down onto the floor! White flooring, whether in the form of tile, white wood, or even some luxury vinyl options (like copycat marble) is making a splash in the design world, and we understand why! While maintenance might be a little more intense with white floors, they brighten even the smallest or darkest of rooms, and can be matched with almost any style, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional. 

If you are ready to jump on board with one of the current design trends in 2018, Williams Construction Company is ready and waiting to make your home dreams come true. We provide a wider variety of construction services and our contractors are highly qualified, licensed, and insured. Give us a call and make an appointment for your estimate!