So You Bought A Fixer-Upper...Now What?


The home-buying process is hard at best, but for new homeowners who have just moved into an (unintentional) fixer-upper, the process is made much more difficult. When you move into a house expecting it to be livable and comfortable for you and your family, it comes as quite the surprise when you find yourself looking at non-functioning toilets, leaking tubs or showers, faulty outlets, and other unseen things that could have been missed during an initial inspection or pop up soon after the closing date. When you add in the likely aesthetic changes you want to make, such as paint, trim work, and basic renovations of walls and floors in some cases, it can be daunting to say the least. 


Some issues in new homes, such as a leaky faucet or a minor hole in a wall can be fixed pretty easily by you as a simple DIY home improvement. However, problems arise when the issues go a bit deeper. What if that apparently easy leaky faucet fix turns into water damage behind your shower, or a leak into the ceiling below the bathroom? When you start facing drywall replacement, tile work, and other major projects, DIY can't become a big DON'T. That's where we come in. Polk County residents know they can trust Williams Construction Company to build their custom and spec homes from the ground up, but what you might not know is that we also offer contract work on existing homes. That means when you're staring down a total bathroom overhaul thanks to issues below the surface that were missed when you purchased the house, you have reinforcements to call for help. We come in, assess the situation, and can give you a quote based on your needs and your budget. We'll work alongside you to make sure you feel empowered by the project, and assist you in making choices that are best for your home. Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ceiling refinishing and replacement
  • Total kitchen renovation
  • Total bathroom renovation
  • Tub and/or shower replacement
  • Structural alterations (removing walls/adding walls, opening up doors, etc.) 
  • Creating custom outdoor living spaces
  • ...and more

Whatever the need, we can handle it. Since we are local, we treat each client as a friend and neighbor and we have your best interest at heart when taking care of your home. Don't let a new home that needs some TLC discourage you. Instead, take the challenges as an opportunity to make it your own. We're ready to help! Give us a call to schedule your estimate and get started on making your house your dream home.