Going Paperless: How Williams Construction Is Using New Technology

We have an exciting announcement here at Williams Construction! We are going paperless, and a new addition to our website is helping us achieve that goal.  Our new customer login page, found here, allows you access to your own, individual construction or renovation project.  Ever noticed the program that lets you monitor the progress of your order when you call for a pizza?  With our new client login, you get essentially the same thing.  You will be given your own, unique login information by us, and you can then check in with your project's progress on a daily basis, and keep up with everything from the ground breaking to the final touches. 

For clients who are building a custom home, this feature especially comes in handy since it helps them better understand the time frame of being in their new space, and can help them plan accordingly.  This is a huge help if you are juggling packing, scheduling movers, canceling your current rent or closing on your current home, etc.  Even clients with smaller projects benefit from this newest feature though, since it gives them a hands-on way to connect with their renovation or addition without waiting for phone calls or emails to be returned.  The power of keeping up with what we are doing in your space is at your fingertips! 

We hope you'll enjoy this newest endeavor with Williams Construction as we continue to strive for the very best in custom home and spec home construction, home renovation, and even technology.  Ready to take the next step in improving your home or building your dream space?  We are ready for YOU!  Call us to get started or stop by our Winter Haven office!