Bring The Indoors Out: Making Your Outdoor Space Part of Your Home

Thanks to the mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine that denotes Springtime here in Central Florida, many people look for excuses to be outdoors.  We know that the temperatures here will soon soar, and that means you will be cooped up inside next to the AC for the remainder of the summer until Fall brings some relief.  Many Polk County homeowners feel that their pool is the only way they can spend time outdoors during the warmer months, yet, that doesn't have to be the case if you make a few key upgrades to your home's outdoor areas. 

Most homes in Florida have a patio, a porch, or a deck of some sort.  While not all of them are covered, the majority are connected to the backside of the house. By covering and enclosing your porch with either screen or glass, you can essentially turn your patio area into another room of your home.  Screens or glass keep out insects, lizards, snakes, and other unwanted creatures, and it also helps protect against the elements to some extent.  While screen lets more airflow through, it won't keep out the rain like glass can.  Really, the choice is yours, depending on how you want to use the space!  However, neither of these options will help with the heat unless you take it a step further. 

Adding fans to a screen in porch, or opening the doors to your glassed-in porch and having the duct-work extended to allow AC flow to the room, will help with managing the warm weather and can keep you cool all year long.  Comfortable temperatures and plenty of air flow will mean you are more likely to use your outdoor living space, and that actually makes your home seem larger since you have added on another room to enjoy!  Want to increase the usability of your outdoor area even more? 

Personalizing your outdoor living space by adding furniture pieces that meet your needs, textiles and accessories that will work with the setup of the room (exposed to the elements or not) and how you plan to use the room, whether for an additional family space or a place for entertaining friends and guests.  This is where you can insert your personality into your patio, and can make it uniquely yours. 

Just because we live in Central Florida, we don't have to be stuck inside all summer!  Make your outdoor area work for you, and keep the temperatures under control!  Williams Construction Company can take care of your construction and renovation needs to make your patio its very best for the spring and summer.  Give us a call!