Stroke of Bad Luck: What to Do When Your Dream Home Is A Nightmare

You probably considered it your lucky day when you stumbled upon your "dream" home. Whether a fixer-upper in need of a little that you were sure you could handle, or something move-in ready that was fresh and new, it met all the qualifications you wanted up front and you jumped on the opportunity while you had a chance.  All was great! 


You realized that your dream home might be more of a nightmare.  That "little bit of TLC" ended up meaning your fixer-upper had issues with water damage, bad wiring, and a bad case of disrepair in the backyard area.  That spiffy "new" home you thought you could move right into came with its own set of problems, including a severe case of settling, cracks in the foundation, patio, driveway, and even parts of the ceiling on the back patio.  Suddenly, you feel like your choice to purchase your new space was a stroke of bad luck, not good fortune. 

The good news is, when you have a "renovation 911", you know who to call!  Williams Construction Company can handle all of the issues listed above and many more, which means we are your one-stop for all of your repair and renovation needs.  After the storm of unexpected home repairs and being unsettled, we are the "rainbow" that comes in, and your home will be your pot of gold once we finish getting it up to your desires and our standards. 

Think we're the right ones for your home's needs?  Give us a call and we can work with you to get a detailed quote in your hands ASAP.  We are based out of Winter Haven but serve the whole Central Florida area, so we can come to you.