Be Our Guest: Preparing Your Home for Hosting


The recent events surrounding Hurricane Irma here in Florida have been eye-opening for residents of Polk County. People were displaced from their homes due to flooding and/or loss of power, and were left to hunker down in shelters, with relatives, or with friends. For those of us who were fortunate enough to be left with little or no damage, and who still had power, the opportunity arose for us to love our neighbor in a very real way, whether that be relatives who hadn't fared as well coming to stay, or friends and neighbors coming to your home for laundry, showers, or just a hot meal. 

You likely noticed during this time of service, however, that your home has some areas that are less-than-ideal for hosting guests overnight, especially in an "emergency" situation. While we don't deal with major hurricanes on a routine basis in Central Florida, we do all have friends and loved ones that live in or near coastal areas, and the threat is much more real to them, and that could push them to you when another storm comes your way. It can be worth thinking about overnight guests, and hosting others in your home in general, when considering home upgrades and/or renovation projects. 

Some ideas to ponder for your own home could include: 

  • Turning an existing office into a spare bedroom when needed. People usually envision unattractive futon choices or air mattresses scattered on their office floors when they think about turning this room into a sleeping space for guests, but the reality is, it doesn't have to be that way! A well-built murphy bed system can blend seamlessly into your office decor, but easily turn into a comfortable and inviting bedroom space when guests come to you, regardless of how short of notice you were given before their arrival. Having a closet added to a room like this (if it doesn't already have one) can also help accommodate guests since you'll have a place for them to place belongings without them being dispersed on your desk, counters, etc. 
  • Bathrooms are where a lot of trouble comes up when you're hosting overnight guests. Adding another bathroom onto your home, or expanding your existing bathroom(s) to better serve multiple people, is a worthwhile investment that actually adds value onto your home. Choose easy to clean surfaces (like tile or stone) and opt for double sinks if possible since that allows more people to utilize the space at once in a pinch. Even better? Try to incorporate a design that separates the shower/toilet area from the sink(s) and mirror zone so more people can use the space at once without violating privacy. Your own family will enjoy these amenities on a daily basis, and when guests come to call, it will easily accommodate them as well. 
  • Dining space can be complicated with guests, especially if you have a large family of your own. If your dining table just wasn't cutting it while you had your "hurricane visitors", adding an island to your kitchen, or a bar that can be used as extra seating space could be a great way to increase your dining options when you have guests. 

If you're ready to work on your home's entertainment quality in time to welcome holiday visitors into your home, or if you're simply preparing for the next big storm, Williams Construction Company is ready to work with you to make it happen. We customize renovation plans according to your needs, desires, and budget, and our goal is to make your goal a reality. Give us a call to get started, or stop by our Winter Haven office, and we'll come out to discuss your ideas and give you a quote.