Thinking Outside The Box: Unconventional Solutions for Your Home

This barn-style door was perfect to close off the master bath! 

This barn-style door was perfect to close off the master bath! 

Williams Construction Company is proud to offer home renovation and construction services to the greater Polk County area, but sometimes we have to get creative with how we meet the needs and wants of our clients.  When drafting a plan for home renovations, we sometimes get requests to repurpose a specific space in a home, or add a new feature that isn't necessarily supported by the existing structure of the house.  So, how do we get around these obstacles? 

Well, we have to think outside the box, get creative, and give our clients what they want! 

So, what are some common requests we receive, and how can they be creatively solved? 

Need a Door?  Sometimes, especially here in Florida, open floor plans can end up being a nuisance.  While having an open kitchen/living space is quite nice, having an open plan in your bathroom isn't exactly what people want, especially in their master suite.  Having privacy for luxurious baths or getting ready each morning isn't easy with the lack of doors we often see on master suites in homes built here in our area.  Since there is no surrounding structure allowing for the insertion of a door, thinking outside of the box (er, doorway) is needed, and the best solution we have found so far is installing a barn-style door to the area.  This door operates on a track system, and can be installed over the current opening to the bathroom, so you don't have to endure weeks of structural work on your existing walls.  It's a relatively quick fix to a problem and it offers a unique and stylish flair to your bedroom! 

Need another bathroom?  This one is another common request. Bathrooms are a busy place in most family homes, and it can be frustrating to have multiple people sharing the space.  Also frustrating?  Having a shared bath for your kids and your guests, which is another frequent issue.  Many homeowners would love to have another bathroom added but don't want to give up an existing bedroom space.  So, our next suggestion would be to look at your closets. Larger closets can be renovated and made into half-baths (or even full-baths, with extensive work) and can help alleviate the strain of too many people and not enough toilets/sinks.  While this renovation can take a lot of work (and can be costly), it can be a good choice for certain situations. 

Need more storage?  This just might be one of the most common requests of homeowners when renovating a space in their homes.  Whether it's additional cabinet space in the kitchen, or wanting a whole new closet, storage is a hot commodity for single-family homes.  Storage is an area where we can get very creative though, and it can be fun to design a space with storage in unexpected places.  For example, pantries with swing out shelves that double the storage capacity, or laundry rooms will full sets of cabinetry (to replace boring wire shelves) that not only offer more storage but hide all the stuff you don't want everyone to see. 

If you are ready to make changes around your home, or if you want to jump all in for a full-renovation of your house, give us a call.  Williams Construction Company serves the greater Central Florida area with top-quality service and we get the results you want.  Your dream home can become a reality, and we're ready to help.