Check Those Numbers And Raise the Roof! Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor Is Necessary for Roof Work

Central Florida is home to many HOA-operated communities, and this often requires upkeep on both your house and your property.  While some of this upkeep can be managed through DIY projects, sometimes maintaining and repairing your house means you need to call in the pros. This is especially important when it comes to your roof. 

Roofing is not something to play around with.  Precise, meticulous measuring is required to property build and/or repair a roof, and full understanding of, and experience with, the mathematics that go into roofing a house (or any other building for that matter) is key.  Failing to take care of even a single, small detail could result in serious injury, or even death, in the event that a roof partially or completely falls apart.  Just because it looks sturdy upon completion, the real test of strength (like a bad storm, and/or heavy winds) could end up leaving you with some serious damages and if you used an unlicensed builder to do the work, you could be left holding the bill.  So, how can you know that the "professional" you're hiring to fix your roof is legitimate and will know how to handle the job? 

It's all in the numbers.  The license numbers that is. 

Hiring a licensed contractor is the best way, dare we say the only way, to know for sure that you are getting a professional, experienced contractor and builder.  Those numbers are your guarantee that you will end up with a job well done, or protection in the event that the quality of work is less than you expect.  Essentially, licensure is proof that a contractor has gone through the necessary tests, steps, and procedures to be backed up by the construction industry.  Not only do they have to take measures to keep up with their licensure, meaning they are up-to-date with the most current standards, but they also must carry certain types of insurance and financial coverage, which means they are taking care of themselves and their clients. 

For residents in and around the greater Winter Haven area, Williams Construction is proud to say we are fully licensed to handle all of your building and repair needs.  Whether your goal is to have a custom home build start-to-finish, or simply have your fence (or roof!) repaired, we are equipped to handle the job.  We can give you a quote quickly, and work with you to make sure your goals are accomplished in your space. 

It's exciting to "raise the roof"...but first, hire a licensed contractor!